Posted by: frans | October 6, 2011

New publications and presentations

There were several research papers and presentations by CG-Cult researchers in DiGRA 2011 conference, taking place in the Netherlands in 14-17 September 2011:

    Saara Toivonen & Olli Sotamaa: Of discs, boxes and cartridges: The material life of digital games
    Harald Warmelink & Marko Siitonen: Player Communities in Multiplayer Online Games: A Systematic Review of Empirical Research
    Jaakko Suominen: Game Reviews as Tools in the Construction of Game Historical Awareness in Finland
    Jaakko Stenros: The Making of Nordic Larp: Documenting a Tradition of Ephemeral Co-Creative Play
    Thorsten Quandt, Ruth Festl, Vivian Chen, Raine Koskimaa, Jan Van Looy, Frans Mäyrä & Jaakko Suominen: Panel on International gaming: Comparative survey research on digital gaming
    Jaakko Stenros & Annika Waern: Narrative Friction in ARGs: Design Insights from Conspiracy For Good
    Garry Grawford and Frans Mäyrä: Keynote Live Book Review, Video Gamers
    Frans Mäyrä: Games Are Not Dangerous Enough! (The Ivory Tower that Isn’t: A Game Scholar Rant Session)

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