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Player Barometer 2010

The project has published the report of our second nation-wide survey on digital play, the Player Barometer 2010 (Pelaajabarometri 2010). The popularity of Nintendo Wii and its physical sport games was clearly reflected in this year’s study; on the other hand, Guitar Hero and other music games were no longer as popular among the players. Casual games and Facebook games in particular featured in the 2010 study. In addition, this year’s study examined the changes taking place in Finnish money gaming/gambling scene, and the play of educational games. The full raport can be downloaded from here:

Posted by: frans | February 26, 2011

Conference 2012 planning

There was a conference planning meeting in February 24th, 2011. The preliminary dates for the Games in Culture and Society themed (also preliminary theme/title) conference are 6-8 of June, 2012. More details and the full call for papers will be made available later.

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Consortium meetings, Fall 2010

The Creation of Game Cultures project had two consortium-wide meetings during fall 2010.

  • In 14 October 2010 there was discussion and presentations of the annual Yearbook of Gamestudies, with Yearbook 2010 published recently. The Games as Services research report was introduced, as well as results from Facebook research in the affiliated SoPlay project. In addition, the PhD project on online money gaming by Jani Kinnunen was discussed, as well as the Nordic Larp work by Jaakko Stenros (part of his PhD project). There were paper presentations by the project in IR11 conference, including paper and panel on online fantasy gaming by Frans Mäyrä, and about the digital and physical in games by Saara Toivonen and Olli Sotamaa. From University of Turku, the PhD project on sports gaming by Riikka Turtiainen was discussed, as well as several book projects by Pori digital culture team. The PhD project on rhetorics of games by Tero Pasanen was discussed from Jyväskylä University. New affiliated research projects had received Academy of Finland funding: those by professor Jaakko Suominen and professor Raine Koskimaa, as well as by Senior Researcher Olli Sotamaa. The preliminary results from Player Barometer 2010 survey were presented by Eero Kuronen (JY).
  • In 25 November 2010, there was an update discussion about the economics of the project, as well as the funding status of individual researchers. There was planning discussion on 2012 conference, and potentials for collaboration on that. The results from Player Barometer 2010 were further discussed (the research report still unfinished). The main part of the meeting were dedicated to research seminar where the work of four researchers were discussed: those by Jani Kinnunen, Riikka Turtiainen, Tero Pasanen, and Jaakko Stenros. The potential of using more research assistants during 2012 was also discussed.
Posted by: Stenros | February 22, 2011

Nordic Larp

In the Nordic countries, live-action role-playing has developed into a unique and powerful form of expression. Nordic larps range from entertaining flights of fancy to the exploration of the intimate, the collective and the political. This incredible tradition combines influences from theatre and performance art with gamer cultures, in order to push the boundaries of role-playing.

Recently Nordic Larp, a book that documents this incredible scene was published. It does not just cover Finland, but Sweden, Norway and Denmark as well. Nordic Larp presents a critical cross section of this vibrant culture through 30 outstanding larps, combining stories told by designers, players and researchers with over 250 photographs of play and preparations. In addition the book contains two essays that explain the history and rhetorics of Nordic larp, and contextualizes it in relation to theatre, art and games.

Posted by: frans | June 9, 2010

Game culture exhibitions

The cultural study of games opens to the general audience in two exhibitions where researchers have collaborated with Finnish museums. The first exhibition was Pelaa! in Salo Art Museum, which University of Turku, Pori unit collaborated with. The second exhibition is “Pongista Pleikkaan” in Hämeenlinna Electra museum, which contains texts by University of Tampere games researchers in the exhibition publication. Links:

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Research project consortium meeting, June 9, 2010

There was a whole consortium meeting in Tampere at June 9, 2010. Eleven researchers were present, and the ongoing and past work, as well as the future of research was discussed. Future publications will include Player Barometer 2010 study, which continues the first barometer, published in 2009. The Finnish Yearbook of Game Studies 2010 is also well on the way and will appear in the fall. Other outcomes of the work by project researchers include a forthcoming book project of Nordic Larp, and a long list of published articles on different aspects of various game cultures (updated information forthcoming in this site).

Posted by: frans | May 31, 2010

Special issue in S&G journal

There will be a special issue published in Simulation & Gaming journal, which is the longest running journal in games research. The special issue is based on a selection of papers from Games Research Methods seminar, and guest edited by Frans Mäyrä, Jussi Holopainen and Mikael Jakobsson. The issue will provide an overview of the current state of games research methods, as well as discuss related methodological issues from multiple perspectives. The site of the journal:

Posted by: frans | March 19, 2010

Games Research Methods seminar fully booked

Games Research Methods seminar, a key international event organised by University of Tampere gamelab and Creation of Game Cultures project, has attracted high levels of interest and all the seats in the seminar are now taken. The organisers want to thank for the interest — the seminar web pages are at:

Posted by: frans | December 11, 2009

Consortium meeting December 11, 2009

The Creation of Game Cultures research project had its consortium meeting in Friday, December 11, 2009 in Jyväskylä. The meeting agenda included review of the first year results and outcomes, the financial status, and planning of activities for 2010 and beyond.

Posted by: frans | December 11, 2009

Collaboration with ‘Pelaa’ Game Culture exhibition

The Creation of Game Cultures research project has collaborated in the creation and associated lecture series of ‘Pelaa’ exhibition in Salo Art Museum:

The exhibition is open until the end of January 2010.

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